The Chess Grand-Master: The Story Of Deputy President D.D Mabuza

1. Introduction

Author Ronny  (the mind of the mind) presents the first official copy of "The Chess Grand-Master" to deputy President D.D Mabuza

About 2 years ago we began merging our thoughts for this body of work, a poet and a writer together talking and exchanging thoughts during their coffee breaks at Hosanna community projects. It was always our master plan and dream to assemble a story that the nation of South Africa and the world at large would find interesting. Although D.D Mabuza’s rise to the second highest office in the land took the entire country by surprise, this autobiography had coincidentally been in both our heads for about two years prior to his ascendance. This being the first edition, we have tried to cast a wide focus while briefly reflecting on D.D Mabuza’s childhood in Phola and life-long friendships made throughout his schooling years, it focuses on his prolific years in the struggle for liberation in the country. As lover of books ourselves, we were eager to write a book that lifted the veil off some of the occurrences in his life and times. In an individual’s lifetime’s journey, they will have dips, lows, defeats and disappointments.